Artist Collection Artist series of new craftsmanship, stunning new color

replica watches family Artist Collection Artist series is bright, machine carved flowers, enamel and hollow several traditional rolex replica production process in one, since 2013, the world was well received, after a year Chronoswiss own watchmaking Square art force produced a series of new art has been striking debut. This year Chronoswiss first re-launched translucent full white enamel dial design, at first glance with rolex replica the nineties Orea enamel watch similar, but the difference is that this year's new work is Chronoswiss own dial workshop produced, another feature is the time scale figures are not printed Enamel surface, but inlaid on the dial, so in the dial drill through the hole when the standard process requires a very careful treatment. New color and new pattern design, the combination of more changes in the visual enjoyment: one of the two-color enamel dial, the central part of the white enamel, the periphery is sapphire enamel, but still visible translucent enamel under the exquisite carved pattern; It is worth noting that the blue enamel part is not separate firing and then mosaic, but a piece of different colors enamel dial direct firing, the enamel artisans technology is undoubtedly a big challenge. Chronoswiss also introduced a new series of 34mm automatic movement of the new series of models to choose from. Artist Collection Artist series of new craftsmanship, stunning new color Technical specifications Case: polished red gold case composed of 28 parts; screw-in polished threaded bezel set single-sided anti-glare crystal glass watch mirror; screw tight thread polishing watch back-mounted single-sided anti-glare crystal glass; Crown (with the case of the same material); screw ear ear assembly patent Autobloc system; waterproof 30 meters