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Military Talent Programme - Free Training Week

23rd Jan 2017

23 Jan -27 Jan 2017 

Bishopsgate Financial is offering ex-military or soon to be ex-military a free 1 week ‘basic training’ on Management Consultancy in the Financial Services. The course is designed to give you the opportunity to gain valuable industry insight, by combining in-house training, exclusive guest speakers and live project planning and presenting. The material is taken from our initial training package of our Talent Programme. 

The course will be a structured and interactive overview of the key topics of our Talent Programme with opportunities to work on group and individual projects with feedback. 

To include:

High Quality Guest Speakers from Tier 1 Financial Institutions

Financial Services Overview

Project Management Overview

Regulatory Overview

Practical application of Project Work

Consulting skills

Tools and Techniques

Delivering Presentations Practice and Assessment

The Bishopsgate Financial Military Talent Programme is a two year programme aimed to bring ex-military leadership and rapidly transition into financial services, building on the transferrable skills forged in the military of leadership, communication, discipline and integrity and immediately add value.The programme consists of a focused training package, followed by practical, client engagements and continuous personal development. The programme has been running successfully for a number of years and forms a key component of our company growth structure.

 Participants will have the opportunity to discuss career opportunities with senior management.For more information, or to apply, contact us on 0207 448 3000, or email

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