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Bishopsgate Financial Bolsters GDPR Expertise

1st Nov 2017

Jim has over 20 years’ experience covering GDPR/PECR, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Enterprise Reporting and Transformation and Change. He is a Member of DAMA (Data Management Association) and a Professional member of IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals). He has worked for a wide range organisations in the financial services sector, including ABN Amro, Co-Operative Bank, Mizuho International Bank and Morgan Stanley International. 

Mike Hampson, CEO Bishopsgate Financial commented: “As we get closer to the GDPR deadline, we are seeing increasing demand from our clients to provide expertise at all levels to help them to be compliant. “Jim has worked as a Bishopsgate Associate for many years and we are delighted to welcome him to the team in a newly created senior role as our GDPR Associate.  Jim has unparalleled expertise in GDPR in the financial services sector and is ideally placed to help us to provide clients with strategic GDPR consultancy, no matter what stage of the process they are at.” 

Jim Ashton adds, “Bishopsgate Financial has an excellent reputation in delivering change programmes to financial organisations. This is a great opportunity for me to combine my GDPR expertise with the resources available through Bishopsgate Financial. Together we can provide clients with teams of any size to help them with their GDPR planning and implementation.”