Blockchain Masterclass

Bishopsgate Financial have today announced a series of new blockchain masterclasses, partnering with Dr Stephane Savanah, one of the chief researchers at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

The courses, available as a one-day class for delegates or as a bespoke, in-house session for teams of 10 people or more, will provide decision makers and technical officers with an essential grounding in blockchain technology. This will equip them with the knowledge and tools to shape their own blockchain strategy, helping them identify emerging opportunities in the banking sector.

This programme has been developed in response to research from this year’s Change Perspective, compiled by Bishopsgate Financial, which found that just 8.5% of financial institutions in the UK have significant investment planned in blockchain technology for 2018.

Despite all of the news and coverage afforded to cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology that supports it, the evidence suggests that uncertainty is still rife in this area. This,in turn, has impeded investment at many major institutions, regardless of the potential benefits derived from early adoption.

Dr Savanah has developed the programme following years of experience in blockchain technology, working as Director of Scientific at nChain, a global leader in blockchain research and development. During this time, he was named as a co-inventor on 57 patent applications,including patents relating to tokenisation, self-enforcing (or ‘smart’) contracts and programmatic transactions.

The one-day course will include:

  • Essential information about blockchain technology
  • How and why blockchain technology was developed
  • The extended uses of blockchain technology
  • Inappropriate and inefficient uses of the technology

Mike Hampson, CEO of Bishopsgate Financial, said “We know that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are key issues in the banking sector. Adoption rates, however, are yet to reflect the many opportunities that blockchain represents. This programme is designed to support those considering a blockchain strategy, providing insight into the technology and some of its use cases. With his years of experience and vast technical expertise, Dr Savanah was the perfect choice to deliver this for our clients and ensure they can properly assess the value, as well as the operational risk, of investing in the technology.”

Dr Stephane Savanah said “There’s a real danger that inappropriate use of the blockchain could cost banks untold sums of money. It’s really important that, before making multi-million dollar decisions, there is a fundamental understanding of what the technology is actually capable of.That’s what this programme does; it empowers decision makers with a grounding in the technology so they can shape their own strategies and make informed decisions.”

To enquire about our one-day Blockchain Masterclass, or to enquire about a bespoke programme of courses for your in-house team, contact Bishopsgate Financial today on +44 (0)207 448 3000 or email

Author: Petrina Joseph