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  • Blockchain Masterclass

    Develop your professional knowhow of blockchain technology and learn how to successfully identify and implement it in your organisations strategies by undertaking our Blockchain programme.

    Understand the basics, principles, and underpinning concepts of the blockchain.

    Advance your understanding of the technology - both the strengths and weaknesses - to properly assess its value to your organisation.

    Now is the time to devise blockchain strategies, become an organisation with a strong understanding of the fundamentals.

  • Who should attend

    The courses, available as a one-day class for delegates or as a bespoke, in-house session for teams of 10 people or more, will provide decision makers and technical officers with an essential grounding in blockchain technology.

    This will equip them with the knowledge and tools to shape their own blockchain strategy, helping them identify emerging opportunities in the banking sector.

  • Your Blockchain Expert

    Dr Stephane Savanah has developed the programme following years of experience in blockchain technology.

    Stef was Director of Scientific Research at nChain, a global leader in blockchain research and development. During this time, he was named as a co-inventor on 57 patent applications, including patents relating to tokenisation, self-enforcing (or ‘smart’) contracts and programmatic transactions.

    He has been at the forefront of innovation and development of blockchain technology and now will deliver our Blockchain Masterclasses and bespoke programmes.

  • What you will learn

    These courses will cover essential information about blockchain technology, the extended uses of blockchain technology & the inappropriate and inefficient uses of the technology.

    Blockchain Essentials - this course educates participants on the fundamental components of blockchain technology explaining the ultimate goal of the technology

    Blockchain Economics - this course explains the underlying economics of the technology and exposes many misconceptions. It includes strategies for cryptocurrency valuations.

  • When and where
    Location Date Price
    London 24/10/2018 £549 pp
    London 21/11/2018 £549 pp
    Onsite Various dates N/A
  • How to buy

    We can provide these courses in central London locations in the form of classroom settings for £549 per person.

    The course can be structured for individual organisations with bespoke in-house programmes for large teams and consulting is available for specific business needs.

    For more information or to book the course, please click the enquire now button providing the dates you are interested in and the number of participants in the additional details section.

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