Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity Policy

Bishopsgate Financial is committed to sourcing goods and services from suppliers representing all communities. We strongly believe that promoting diversity improves the quality of our company and the industry we operate in. We classify diverse suppliers as businesses owned, run or managed by Ethnic Minority; Women; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender; Disabled; Veteran/Ex Armed Forces; We pledge that not less than 20% of our supply base are classified by Bishopsgate Financial as Diverse Suppliers.


It is the responsibility of management to ensure that Bishopsgate Financial’s supply base is diverse and that we are actively encouraging purchasing from relevant, high-quality, diverse suppliers.

Policy Objectives
  • Actively seeking out diverse suppliers that can provide competitive, high-quality goods and services whose values reflect our own.

  • Ensuring the inclusion of diverse suppliers within the services we provide to our Clients.

  • Communicating the value of and our commitment to supplier diversity to all stakeholders.

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