Bishopsgate Financial announce new GDPR programme to ensure longterm compliance and reduce operational costs.

  • 7 August 2018

Bishopsgate Financial have strengthened their GDPR services, announcing a new programme of audits and solutions that ensure ongoing compliance and improve operational performance.

Since the initial deadline to comply with GDPR passed on 25th May 2018, organisations have been shifting their focus to long-term compliance. Bishopsgate Financial’s new GDPR programme enables compliance professionals to assess their own processes and systems, in response to conflicting advice and guidance that has circulated throughout the industry.

The programmes seek to address the confusion and misinformation that many organisations experienced in the build up to the initial deadline in May. This often led to misguided or erroneous guidance, exposing organisations and putting them at risk of breaching the regulations.

Bishopsgate Financial’s GDPR programmes are led by Jim Ashton, a specialist with over 20 years of experience in the field of data processing. Jim has been focusing on GDPR compliance for the past 3 years, recognising the monumental shift in relation to data privacy and operational process.

Due to the all-encompassing scope of GDPR, Bishopsgate Financial offer a diverse and flexible programme of activity, depending on where an organisation is in the change process. This includes audits and holistic assessments, as well as drop-in compliance structures that can be adapted internally. These unique frameworks have already been successfully implemented by a number of multinational clients, providing a fully GDPR-compliant structure.

Jim Ashton said “GDPR has a vast and enduring impact because of the depth of coverage it applies to personal data collection, storage, use and transfer. Not only does compliance mitigate the potentially severe financial penalties, it also helps organisations better understand their own data processing, which reduces complexity across systems and, ultimately, reduces cost.

The commitment to GDPR compliance did not end the moment the deadline passed. The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, is expecting grass-roots cultural change. That’s why organisations must think beyond the initial May deadline and develop robust structures and processes to deal with this, long into the future.”

Mike Hampson, CEO of Bishopsgate Financial, said “As a leading expert in the field of GDPRcompliance, we wanted Jim to lead our GDPR programmes and support clients in navigating this complex regulatory framework. Jim and our team have delivered audits and compliance structures that limit exposure, whilst enabling effective change that improves efficiency and reduces operational cost.”

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