7th August 2018

Bishopsgate Financial announce new GDPR programme to ensure longterm compliance and reduce operational costs ...

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Blockchain in Banking summit

13th Jun 2018

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Meet our Blockchain Expert

Dr. Stephane Savanah

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Blockchain Masterclass

1st June 2018

Our blockchain expert, Dr Stephane Savanah, talks about his experience at the forefront of research and development in blockchain technology and ...

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Launch of the Change Perspective

23rd May 2018

The Change Perspective, brought to you by Bishopsgate Financial, looks at the various factors shaping change in the banking sector.

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We are a diverse community of change leaders, constantly adapting to lead positive change within the banking sector. With access to skills, advice & people, our shared insights and experiences help us develop solutions, methods, skills and training to help you improve your individual and team strengths.

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